Colors and Color Matching Systems 

We develop colors based on the Color Standards templates, such as:

  • RAL Classic
  • RAL Effect
  • RAL Design
  • Pantone
  • NCS
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • DB
  • Development of colors according to Customer's designs
  • Enamels with a metallic effect
  • Imitation of etching / Satinato
  • Textura
  • Luminescent effect

What is your design with color? 

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Projects and cooperation

  • We prepare the enamel for single and multi-layer projects, with the application of Screen Printing, Roller, Edge Roller and Spray.
  • Permanent regular deliveries or flexible quantities for orders tailored to specific projects.
  • We carry out the implementation of large ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS from A-Z. Checking the technical requirements through the delivery of patterns and from Mock-Up to the installation of the last element. If you have a Project in mind, please contact us to talk it through.
  • We also cooperate in the area of CONTINUOUS PROJECTS: for example in the field of household appliances, control panels or the Furniture Industry. We help you choose the color and effects, and then assist you in the preparation and implementation of long-term projects for your client.

What is your project?

Do you want to start an enamel line? 

  • We offer support in the process of choosing the best method and line for your needs. We will help you analyze the current machinery and plant conditions, in terms of how and what can be done by adding a new process / product to your portfolio.
  • You can consult us on what to pay attention to when adjusting the Factory Conditions and Processes if you are thinking about introducing Enameled Glass to the Product Offer and integrating it into the current production processes.
  • We conduct training in the field of Working with Enamel for novices and for professionals to refresh their knowledge: from storing the paste; preparing enamel; choosing the thinner; setting the viscosity; applying the screen printing method / roller - the so-called Roller Coater / Side Roller Coater / Spray; after-drying and firing; and Quality Control methods at every stage of working with Paste and Enamel.
  • You already have a line but don't use it? We will provide you with technical support, help you select the optimal product for your needs and production capabilities and our technicians will help you implement the enamel into production.

Thinking about Glass Enamel but don't know where to start: Screen Printing or RC; 77T or 23T, 23” or flat, Grooves or Diamonds? Long or short dryer? IR top or top and bottom? - The end result of the enameled glass begins with the selection of the right machinery for your desired application.

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What is your project? 

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